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Head of state
President Festus Mogae

Land Area 225,000 sq. miles

Capital city: Gaborone

Summer: 66-91�F, Winter: 41-73�F

English and Setswana

Electric Current
220 volts

GMT + 2 Hours

With an area of 361,470 square miles, Botswana is virtually the same size as Texas - or France. Situated in the center of Southern Africa, Botswana is a landlocked country lying at 950 meters above sea level, more than 372 miles from the nearest coast (Namibia). The most striking geographic features of Botswana are its flatness and aridity.

With the exception of the eastern region of Botswana, wherea great majority of Batswana reside, and where summer rainfall is slightly higher, three quarters of Botswana is actually desert. This is what makes the Okavango Delta a remarkable safari attraction; it is a picturesque, game-rich wetland - within a desert -getting its waters from rain in central Africa, flowing into Botswana from over 600 miles away.

Botswana has remained poised on delivering the finest possible, authentic wildlife experience by specializing in high quality (luxury safaris) / low volume (non-group based) tourism. Well over 30% of the country has now been set aside for wildlife. Private reserves are leased out to safari companies or rural communities, who have to manage their operations within strict guidelines and limited accommodation capacities are set to prevent overcrowding. Which is why even a year ahead of your travel dates it is virtually impossible to obtain available at the top camps and best wildlfie locations - Botswana is popular and space very limited.

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