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Abu Camp

Abu Camp - Set in the heart of Botswana's private 400 000-acre concession in the Okavango Delta, offering a very unique Elephant back safari program. Abu Camp features only six luxurious tents in a lush riverine forest, stylishly furnished with a private viewing deck overlooking the lagoon.

Abu Camp's Elephant back safari is a rare and humbling experience. You get to meet each member of the Abu Camp herd, learn their history and begin to comprehend these majestic animals. Interact with the herd, becoming a part of their family and experience something very few people get to witness on their African safari, with this off-the-beaten track experience.

Walk alongside the Elephants or mount these fascinating creatures led by experienced mahouts (elephant handlers) and experience the African bush from a totally different perspective.

Through this rare vantage point and the preotection of herd, you can approach animals closer than any landrover could permit.

Abu Camp Wildlife:
The three-day elephant back safari offers plentiful game viewing on the plains. Game that are abundant in the area include Giraffe, Zebra, Elephant, Impala, Tssessebe, Lechwe, Wildebeest, Buffalo and Warthogs.

A resident pride of Lion at camp can be seen during the day and heard roaring through night - a thrilling sound as you lie in the comfort and safety of your luxurious tent.

Also available at Abu Camp, aside from the Elephant back safaris, are game drives in open 4x4 vehicles, a special night drive, guided nature walks, bird watching and time spent drifting on the tranquil waters of the Okavango Delta in a mokoro (canoe) with expert local guides.

Elephant Back Safari
Elephant Back Safari

Abu Camp - Elephant Back Safaris in Africa.:

Abu Camp:
Abu Camp offers a very unique three-night (four days) Elephant Back Safari program that operates twice weekly from Saturday to Tuesday and Tuesday to Friday.

Climate: Due to the Okavango Delta's altitude the climate is more temperate than tropical.

During winter (June to August) early mornings and evenings can be cold. Summers (November to March) are rather hot, with the rains (mostly afternoon / early evening thunderstorms) occuring during November and March.

About the Elephants at Abu Camp:
"Abu Camp's namesake is the legendary elephant who was born in East Africa in 1960 and taken to Texas when young, due to his uncommonly friendly nature, to be used as a ride elephant in a Grand Prairie 'wildlife park'. He was brought back to Africa in 1988 for a lead role in 'Circles in a Forest', and relocated to Botswana in 1990 where he was instrumental in setting up the first elephant back safaris on the continent. He continued to lead the Abu herd throughout the following twelve years. He died in 2002.

The herd's matriarch, Cathy, also born in 1960, is the largest adult cow and is distinguished by her shorter left tusk. Whilst a youngster, Cathy was captured in Uganda from Murchison Falls National Park and taken to a zoo outside Toronto, Canada where she remained until she was returned to Africa for the filming of 'Circles in a Forest' and like Abu, came to Botswana in 1990. Due to her composed nature and patient temperament, Cathy now leads the Elephant back safaris at Abu.

Abu camp safari
Mokoro canoe safari at Abu camp