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What exactly is RSS?

RSS stands fora 'Really Simple Syndication'. RSS is a popular and extremely convenient way to pull in news and information from across the Web, allowing websites to deliver content to you easily without signing on an e-mail subscription or disclosing your e-mail address, and avoiding information overload of newsletters and bookmarks. Web sites and blogs use the RSS format to syndicate and distribute frequently updated content via Aggregators like My Yahoo!, Google homepage, or Newsreaders (also known as Feed or RSS Readers) like Pluck, Newsgator and Feedster.

With RSS you obtain timely information on your page whenever YOU need it. Say you find a subject (such as Botswana safaris) or a website (e.g: interesting, subscribing to their RSS feed will deliver content directly to your My Yahoo! , Google personal homepage or other RSS reader. RSS Feeds consist of brief headlines organized into content categories. Simply click on a feed headline or summary to view a full story in your browser.

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